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Information Technology


Through the combination of Information Technology expertise and a commitment to service, NYTIA strives to enhance the knowledge and increase the efficiency of your operations in the areas of management information systems, eBusiness, education and training, communications and emerging technologies.

Mission Statement

NYTIA is comprised of New York business professionals representing public, private, and academic sectors and is dedicated to contributing to the economic development of the Long Island community.NYTIA supports the sharing of ideas by discussing issues related to the fields of Information Technology, Information Systems, eMedia, eBusiness and emerging technologies.

In a non-competitive forum, NYTIA members will be able to enhance their individual knowledge and increase the overall efficiency of their organization through hands-on applications of technology and membership benefits. NYTIA elevates the awareness and use of wireless technology of Long Island through cooperation, education, coordination and leadership to facilitate the growth of industry.

• Provide the Long Island community with information and knowledge on the most current advancements in Information Technology
• Create opportunities to discuss issues and share ideas
• Provide education through the highest quality initiatives to enhance businesses through the advancement of Information Technology

Information Sharing to keep you up to date on the latest available technologies and their uses to help you make the right Information Technology decisions for your business
• Access to the most creative Information Technology thinking on Long Island
• Seminars on Information Technology topics that are important to your business
• Networking opportunities with other companies having similar IT issues, and those companies who can offer effective solutions